Justin Bieber Brothel in Brazil!

Justin Bieber Visits a BROTHEL! LINK TO SEE JUSTIN EXITING BROTHEL UNDER SHEET: http:www.mirror.co.uk3amcelebrity-newsjustin-bieber-brothel-scandal-teen…

24 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Brothel in Brazil!

  1. I never liked him to begin with he has some good songs but what he really needs is a real RECOVERY. (period end of statement) #justinbeiber

  2. Nooooo Justin please. Don’t throw your fricken life down the drain. Such talent needs to be used for good. I saw your really serious video when you talked about the touching experience of building that school. Have you forgotten already? Be thankful for what you have and use it for good. Stop messing up. Praying for you!

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  4. I believe that justin can do whatever he wants hes not a little kid no moré ,although he should not treta woman like that.Instead he should just Get Back with Selena but again its his life not mine.#clevver Newsweek

  5. I’ve never liked bieber but seriously dude?…is it cool to be hanging around with strippers and what not? Really? Whatever. Go screw up ur life. He’ll be nobody in a few years, maybe less.

  6. justin going crazy like amanda bynes and miley cyrus. Just like all the idols. oh yeah and he has so much money he dont know what to do with it :p

  7. Why Justin why !! OMG he didn’t even become twenty and he is doing that sorry Justin I was a fan of you but now I’m grossed out Eww!!

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