Justin Bieber Caught Sleeping With Prostitute

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20 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Caught Sleeping With Prostitute

  1. ‘m so fed up after 5 minutes of your videos…you get bad mood ….is is
    too overexcited it’s just annoying stat funny.really wonder what the darts
    ellen … also too loud your voice …. ask me in every video..how you can
    be so stupid as to do something stupid…do you realize just in my news
    that I’m annoyed with you ….it is exaggerated too thick that it is no
    longer funny joke without..would sometimes less so rumschreien … then
    maybe funny.but it is annoying after 5 minutes..and then such news as I
    write ….There is a claim …less is more

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  3. they betta be trying to sleep with someone who got just as much to lose as
    them or more..yes baby tell em how to be a good hoe like Mildred Baena..a
    methodical hoe

  4. She’s not a prostitute, she’s a fitness trainer. &’ she sent the video to
    her friend who outed it. According to Rickey Smiley radio ..

  5. You are a damn fool and I love, love, love you so much! You keep me going
    and laughing! Please bring back the girl you use to do that did the college

  6. Lol you are to real omg I was laughing the whole time but you had good
    points now a days all guys want are hoes that is just messed up

  7. "Why am I attacking Justin? He ain’t did nothing to me….. But for m to
    make y’all watch this, I gotta attack him!" Lmfaooo you is soooo honest.
    Finally, somebody on YouTube that say they attack somebody so people can
    watch their videos! Ain’t nothing wrong with that Lmfaoo

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