Justin Bieber Moons Crowd At Concert And Moves On From Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber is caught on camera dropping his pants again and is allegedly moving on from Selena Gomez with new girlfriend Jacque Ray Pyles. Subscribe! http…

20 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Moons Crowd At Concert And Moves On From Selena Gomez

  1. Justin is annoying and bratty (I gather?) but there are a lot of douchey/narcissistic celebs that people worship. Why? because we’re sheep and we hate one person and praise another just because its the thing to do. Use your own brain to decide who/what really deserves your love and hate rather then letting trends dictate you. If you’re whinging about how justin doesn’t pull up his pants and so he’s the worst scumbag ever then you’re probably an example of brainless follower I’m talking about.

  2. so yea but other then that new belieber here 4ever a selenator n jelenator together or friends i dont no the untalented version of kermit the frog human addition

  3. idk i like him alot no i use to not like bieber but now that he has that bad boy vibe n he does wut he wants thing going on i like i also like his new music to not a fan of my world n my world 2.0 believe is cool the acoustic version is better but the song he has with miley n twist is okya i only like his part but the song he got with micheal jackson is hott and the one with tyga is hott to as for his pants well i dont have a problem with it …..

  4. Sexy and jelena not speaking makes me soooooo sad especially that they’re not dating but should just be really really good close friends and nope I don’t want that new gurl to date jb

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